A feature rich online exam software and certification management system.

Online Certification Features

Features Overview

Certification Management Features

Certification Management


  • Upload content for program and course pages
  • Create courses to organize content and certification programs
  • Assign prerequisites to content and tests


  • Use comprehensive question formats and scoring varieants
  • Choose how users view exam or test sections and questions while taking tests
  • Create question banks that are reusable across tests and courses


  • Create custom certificates with plain text, rich text, or html
  • Automatically deliver certificates upon successful completion of courses and tests
  • Use "mail merged" codes to automatically populate certificates


  • World class reporting
  • Exception reporting
  • Predictive testing integrity analysis

Enterprise Customization


  • Match the look and feel of your company’s brand and website
  • Add your own CSS and custom javascript functions

Language Support

  • User default language, country, and time-zone
  • Available in 26 different languages and country settings


  • Compatible with all browsers
  • Works on tablets and smartphones


  • Web services support to manage users and query results
  • Option to allow single sign-on from your existing web properties


  • Security roles set and managed by user groups
  • Flexible user login authenticatin preferences
Custom Tests Exams and Certifcation Programs

Full features list

Features Standard Enterprise
Courses & Training
Create courses and programs to organize learnging and testing content
Unlimited number of courses and programs
Unlimited number of lessons
Upload or embed media into your lessons
Assign prerequisites for sequential content
Option to set due dates or completion dates
Option to set content expiration dates
Set custom notifications ( eg. assigned by, or past due)
Option to set repeat frequency
Online Exam & Test Authoring
Question Types include: multiple choice, multiple answer, likert, fill in the blank, essay, matching, pull down lists, drag and drops, sort ordering
Bulk load questions
Reorder, deactivate, and hide questions
Include multi media in questions
Group questions into sections or question banks
Use sections and question banks across different tests and courses
Associate scenarios to one or more questions
Set various scoring options (eg.variable values, partial credit, and extra credit)
Add cutomized instructions, hints, references, and explinations
Advanced question randomizaition control
Option to format tests for taking offline
Activate and deactivate logic flags
Set time limits on test taking
Test Taking
Control number of questions displayed on each page
Optional controls for back button and skipping questions
Options and controls that allow test taker to stop and restart a test
Options and controls that allow for test retaking
Display options including progress bar, timer, calculator and more
Option to individually customize instructions
Option to set minimum time frames for required hours or prerequisites
Create an unlimited number of certificate templates
Customize certificates using plain text, rich text, or HTML
Include graphics in customized certificates
Automatically deliver certificates to users upon successful completion of courses, lessons, and tests
Support for all international paper sizes and orientations
Use over 50 mail merge codes to populate certificates
Users and Groups
Unlimited number of users per Gauge account
Add users individually or in bulk
Allow users to self-create accounts with or without passwords
Option for single sign-on through integration with existing system
Unlimited expandable custom user data fields
Users dashboard with access to account information, history, and certificates
Unlimited number of user groups
Limit user access to content by group
Quick reports for in-progress and completed lessons and tests
Exception user reporting based on user group membership
Filterable exporting to PDF, Excel, CSV, and Word
Save and re-run reports indefinitely
Filterable test and content user purchase history
Notifications & Results
Results handeling controlled by user type
Customize display and messaging based on passing score threshold
Fully customize all emails and on-screen messaging
Set rules to automate emails based on completion and passing or failing scores
Hold overall results if any questions are set to manual scoring (such as essay questions)
Customizable results available on screen to the user immediately after taking
Vary on screen results based on correct or incorrect answers, completion, passing or failing scores
Unlimited number of media records per private account
Control administrator access to media based on user group membership
Option to set expiration time on media to restrict access after first viewing
Optional integration with Amazon’s Global CloudFront network
Optional integration with Amazon’s Global CloudFront network
Set content or tests to be unlocked by a proctor associated with a group of users
Optional support for third party proctoring services
Optional control to allow printing tests to be taken off line
Optional control to allow editing of user records
Fully customizable to match the appearance of any company website, brand, or sub-brand
URL builder to auto navigate users to test/content and trigger events
Override system log in page and optional user sign up page
Override default system SMTP gateways to use your mail servers for all automated generated emails
Add your own CCS and custom java script functions
Flexible user log in authentication preferences, display templates and wording choices
Security roles set and managed by user group membership
Automatically assign and un-assign users to security groups based on a time/date schedule
Limit site access using IP ranges and/or referral address uniquely controlled by user group
Built-in browser SSL support
API Integration
Web services support to manage users and query results
Single Sign-on optional feature to bypass login thus allowing users to log into your exiting
Optional triggers to send URL posts back your sites using name pair variables to pass back results