Limitless customization options to create
perfectly tailored tests.

Gauge offers advanced customization options during every stage of your certification program development, allowing you to create test content that always aligns with your enterprise's demands

  • Choose from hundreds of different question, answer, and scoring combinations that can be placed in any order, contain any variety of test content including media, and can be weighted on any scale.
  • Group questions together that all deal with related content into custom test sections or completely randomize your questions.
  • Embed learning content within your tests to extended courses with multiple lessons and tests.
  • Our advanced API and Webhooks allow you to integrate and match the design of your existing website with your recently created certification content.
  • Each person’s role in your certification process is entirely customizable with Gauge, no matter how many people your testing program entails.
  • Define the job of each team member through custom user roles.
  • Control and limit who can create, administer, proctor, certify, and take tests.
  • User portals allow your team members to view scores and keep track of progress and are totally customizable, allowing you to control what your users see on their portal based on what’s relevant to your enterprise’s certification needs.
  • A totally customizable test-making program that can be tailored to any task.
  • Set time limits, allow questions-skips or retakes, display a progress bar and calculator, and turn spellcheck on or off.
  • Assign specific tests and content to select users or groups.
  • Create secure, custom certificates that can be automatically delivered.
  • Make custom test reports that display relevant analytics.