Add traing to your certification tests
and programs

Bringing certification testing and learning content together streamlines your training and increases your test format options.

With Gauge’s integrated learning feature, it’s never been easier to teach and train your team. It allows you to seamlessly incorporate learning content into certification tests, courses and programs. Embed custom lessons within tests or create entire certification programs tailored to your enterprise’s needs. The customization options for creating your learning content and merging it with certification tests are limitless.

What integrated learning can do for you

  • Include learning content within tests so your team can gain the most out of your certification process.
  • Create and manage custom certification programs or upload your existing program to Gauge.
  • Create and manage certification courses - the smaller subset of a program that’s perfect for enterprises with rapidly changing certification needs.
  • Upload your own learning content into Gauge’s secure media library.
  • Embed content from the web.
  • Control who has access to learning content and how they can interact with it.
  • Set rules and pre-requisites for learning content.