Custom Test Authoring Features

Create the right test for any size team,

in any field.

Gauge puts the most powerful test authoring tools and customizable options at your fingertips, allowing you to take your certification program to a higher standard of performance.

Test Authoring Tools

  • Choose from hundreds of different question, answer, and scoring combinations, all of which support the incorporation of rich multimedia options.
  • Reusable question banks let you save and transfer large sections of test content for other programs or future tests.
  • Question delivery can be varied in numerous ways by choosing from ordered or random questions and answers, scenario and contextual based questions, and partial to full-credit options.

Test Customization

  • Tests can be divided into sections based on subjects or categories of questions.
  • Questions and learning content or mixed media can be integrated together into one seamless test.
  • Control the time limit, question skips, stopping or restarting, number of questions per page and the use of a back button.
  • Assign required prerequisite tests or learning content prior to test administration.
  • Control what’s displayed on the test, from a visible timer and progress bar to a calculator.
  • Write custom test-taking instructions to match your custom test.