Complete customization of the test taking experience makes it easy to control what your users can see and do.

From setting prerequisites to receiving real-time results, Gauge allows you to control every element of the test-taking interface.

  • Customize each aspect of test taking to best suite your certification goals, including the number of questions per page, use of a back-button, question skipping, test stops or restarts, spellchecker, and test re-taking.
  • Assign certain tests and learning content to specific users and groups, or make test and learning content available to all users
  • Choose to display or hide a progress bar, timer, bookmarks and calculator on the testing screen.
  • Tailor test instructions to your certification needs by customizing the test taking directions at the beginning of the test or individually by question.
  • Set prerequisites for test taking or set required hours for learning content before a test can be attempted.
  • Choose to receive real-time testing results and customize which test details you’re notified about from pass/fail, question completion, or unanswered questions.
  • Tests and essays are automatically graded and scored. Customize how tests are assigned by choosing between private or public delivery.