Author, manage, administer, and test with advanced user access, roles, and permissions.

With Gauge’s highly customizable Users and Groups feature, you have total control over who receives, administers, proctors, develops, and views your testing materials.

  • Assign custom roles and levels of access to specific users, allowing for optimal efficiency and security:
    Super User – Complete access
    Content Admin – Develop and manage tests and lesson content
    User Admin – Add, remove and manage users, assign groups
    Reporting Manager – Run and review reports once testing is complete
    Proctor – Administer and monitor testing
    User – Take tests, view results and track progress
  • User Portal lets test takers to easily view scores and track progress via clear visuals and graphics.
  • Have an unlimited number of users per account and add users in bulk.
  • Assign certain tests and content to specific users.
  • Create an unlimited number of user groups that allow even the largest enterprise to easily coordinate and organize certification procedures across a national or globalized team.
  • Make an unlimited number of groups, each with unlimited users
    - Assign certain tests to specific groups
    - Limit access to content by group.
  • Custom User and Group roles keep test material secure at all times by giving you the capability to control who has access during each step of your certification process.